Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Always Outdone

There are characters in the Bible that I would like to emulate. I love Enoch. He is scarcely mentioned in Holy Writ, but the description given him is as a man who "walked with God". I would love to be described that way, wouldn't you?

Yet, there is another man that I have always wanted to imitate. It is the man who was "after God's own heart". My heart envies the description. I want to be after God's heart! I want to be like David. I read about David and am struck by him and the fact that I am always outdone! When David praised God, he was able to put to music and arrange words which would become some of the most beautiful poems the world has ever seen, a shepherd boy composing Psalms that would last for centuries. I am woefully outdone. David was not afraid to bear almost all and dance before the Lord with great rejoicing. I find myself shy, embarrassed, and outdone again. When David fell, he was not content to remain in the state of being separated from fellowship with his God, and repented with great weeping, sorrow, and earnestness. I all too often, forget to repent after asking to be forgiven, once again outdone! (Lord, please forgive my cold heart, for my repentence needs to be repented of!)

David was far from a perfect man, but I cannot "cast the first stone" at him. He suffered at the hand of his earthly king, his children, and had many trials. Yet, he loved God with a whole heart. He was sent from his country and his home, he slept in caves running for his life. He endured the scoffing of those who should have bowed down to Him, and yet he trusted the Lord in all.

But even more, he was after all, just a shadow. He was a dim reflection of the One who would come after Him. David's greater son, the one who would reign with an eternal dominion. The one who with a perfect heart, perfect love, perfect obedience, and perfect submission would be for us the perfect sacrifice.

I want to be like David, but O, so much more like his greater Son! I know that I am always outdone, but I will continue to love my Sovereign. I pray that he would make me like David and more and more like Christ!

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  1. Romans 8:29: "...whom he foreknew, he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren..."

    This is God's purpose for our entire salvation--that he might have many worshipers who are exactly like Jesus! "He who called you is faithful, and he will do it."