Thursday, September 10, 2009

As fall fast approaches we are reminded that, "for everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven." Ingrained into our lives is the structure of minutes, days, seasons, years. All flow with a never ceasing current and always as the Lord has designed. There is no turning or changing by human means, no, it is only the Lord who sovereignly oversees all. There is a corset which underlies all the pomp of life and holds all to a certain mold. Of course this is the Lord's doing. Order is a reflection of Him. There is no order without Him. There is no structure without Him. There are no absolutes without Him. He holds all together and as a conductor directs all in perfect time to make the symphony of our lives turn from a cacophony of noise to a harmonizing masterpiece.

The order that God oversees and commands, is one that includes change. Change is a constant character in the course of daily living. It is a hurdle set before us, as we jump we know that there are more ahead. Look at the change of seasons. As the leaves turn, release their precarious grasp and fall to the ground, we see fall coming. Change. The long days of summer grow short and the heat relinquishes its hold. Change. We know as fall settles in that it is not here for long. It is a friend with visits that are far to short. (I personally am left always wanting more fall. )

I have always struggled with change in life. As I love the seasons and the variation they bring. I am not so easily wooed by change's upheaval in the day to day. I have been vividly reminded of this over the past several weeks as we have gutted our kitchen and then remodeled. While we unpacked the kitchen and moved all the furniture to other rooms, the whole house suffered a violent assault. There was kitchen stuff everywhere! It has taken some time, but I am finally getting things back in order.

Which brings me to my blog. As the house was taken over, so was my life. Chaos has reigned over the last few weeks. My routines have gone out the window, my life taken hostage to the demands of change. After all the many changes the Lord has brought me through over the years, one would think that I could manage it better. But, no, I still struggle to keep my head above water. Now, however, school is back in session, the kitchen is almost finished, and I am able to re-assemble my home. Things are returning to some semblance of order. I can drink my tea, sit at my computer, and write on my blog. I have missed writing, but have continued to mull things over in my head and to prepare posts that are wandering thoughts caught and captured.

It has all made me so thankful for my God, who changes not! He is ever the same. He is immutable! What comfort lies in this! He does not change His mind. He does not alter His opinion. Once, his love is set upon us, it is never removed. In fact, it has been set since before the foundations of the world were laid. He is not wishy-washy. His Word which has been spoken can be trusted. Praise be to Him. In a life, were change is constant, we can see the contrast of our marvelous God. Does it not make your heart leap within you? Do not you want to praise Him? As Sunday approaches, think on Him:Trust Him. Love Him. Worship Him!

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