Saturday, May 22, 2010

Job Description

Growing up in the south, I never was exposed to unions. My sheltered white-collar existence knew about these groups, studied them a little, but never had personal experience with the unions.

When Matt and I lived in California, he worked for UPS and was part of the union. We enjoyed the benefits of good insurance, but the union effect on work ethic was clear even in a well run business like UPS. Matt would lament the fact that their job descriptions were very narrow and kept them from doing things that would be helpful, because that was someone else's job.

Now, as a mother of five children, I have found the union attitude present in my home. We have clearly defined chores for each child. Each one knows what he/she should do each day. What is funny is how quickly the report spreads if someone does not do their job, and how reluctant the others are to pick up the slack. I have often heard, "But, that is not my chore, Mom."

We are called to be workers. Work was created before the fall and in our work we find enjoyment and satisfaction. We also glorify God when we do our jobs well, which should be our chief aim. Work is not our enemy, our old sin nature which longs to be lazy is the enemy.

As I have worked through the wrong attitudes in my home and in our hearts, I have been reminded of Christ. The perfect, second person of the Godhead was not too good to take on a new job description. It was not a job that very many people would even think about doing. He "emptied himself, humbling himself to the point of death, even death on a cross." He washed the feet of His creation. He labored among the sick and needy. He sacrificed himself in so many ways as He walked earth's terrain. He was sleep deprived, without a home of His own, and was tempted beyond any other man that has ever existed. He never pulled the, "that is not my job" attitude. He did not shrink back from the dirty jobs. He, the very King of all kings, God of all gods, Alpha and Omega, was a servant and a sacrificial lamb. The very Lion of Judah in all his majestic splendor, was beaten and crucified bearing the weight of the iniquities of those whom He had predestined to adopt, justify, sanctify, and glorify.

So the next time your husband leaves his dirty clothes on the floor, remember Christ and His example of being a servant. What about a situation at church that should be taken care of by someone else and they are always late, or unreliable? The next time your children complain that they are doing the chores of another, point them to the greatest servant that has ever lived. Remind yourself and your families of the example of a servant that Jesus was for us. Not only did His actions show His love, but in His mind and heart there were no complaints and there was no sin. His motives were pure always. This is our example. Our salvation is so great. the work of Christ can occupy our minds as we seek to delve into the theological points. We can spend eternity praising the Godhead for the work of redemption. We can also find very practical application to our daily lives. Expand your job description in your own mind. We are not part of a union with only specific duties. We can be servants out of love and gratitude to our Savior. Follow the example of Christ. No one may ever notice, but be sure your Father in heaven will see. You will be obeying His word and His revealed will. And after all, is that not how we should spend ourselves in seeking, "to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever"?

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