Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is it in you?

I have been thinking about this post for a while, as it has knocked about in the pin ball machine of my head. And before, I write anymore, I want to give this caveat; my writings are personal reflections. They come from my struggles and are not in anyway meant to be statements of others conduct. I hope they encourage us all to think and to love our Lord more.

Gatorade came up with the catchy advertising logo, "Is it in you?" As I have been mulling the current topic over and searching my own heart, those four words kept popping into my thoughts. As my children grow older, I have met with struggles that I never thought would be struggles. My son, questions almost everything and treads the boundaries. About 90% of his questions, I would think, he need not ask, if only he would think through biblically. He knows the answers. My daughters asked this year to wear a two piece?!?!?! What? They want to go "Trick or Treat". They want to wear slightly immodest/inappropriate clothing, and ears pierced. What about this song or movie? And what about the Sabbath? The list goes on and on...

I have wondered with incredulity at their struggles. They have all been taught since birth to know better. I have always pointed to the greater authority in my parenting and tried hard not to be arbitrary (living by the standard of doing things in faith.)God and his holy law, have been laid before them. They have been taught the scriptural principals from their youth. Many prayers have been offered on their behalf. They are God's children, I am only a steward. They know that we are to be "holy", set apart, for we belong not to ourselves, but to God.

But, as is usually the case, as I have thought through it all, praying and asking for wisdom, the pointer finger comes back to me. (Thus the title, "Is it in you?") I have had to ask myself, are these struggles in you?Have I bought into the lie of worldliness?Am I allowing myself to compromise because, everyone else does and it is the path of least resistance. Have I forgotten the standard of our God, so high, so unattainable, that it took the death of a perfect sacrifice? Have I forgotten that I was bought with Christ's blood? Have I forgotten to fear our "holy, holy, holy" God? Have I forgotten that I am called to walk in the fruit of the spirit with righteousness and love? Have I forgotten the love to our Redeemer that should motivate us to want more godliness and piety? Why settle? Is our God, is our Savior, is the Holy Spirit so easily set aside? Why do I not love him more and hate the world more? My heart lies open and condemned. Yes, worldliness is in me. I am lazy and I forget, Lord please help me, for even my repentance needs to be repented of.

My children struggle, because in all honesty, I struggle. I am inconsistent at best. And it is here that comfort is manifested. My failure, my inability to be upright, my completely hopeless condition all point me back to grace. I end up back on my knees. A sinner fleeing to my Savior. Oh, how I need Him! And what a blessing that He loves and does not despise up when we are debased and humbled before Him. When our world would disdain and mock, God draws near.

Let us draw near to him in repentence. Let us seek more fervantly His face. Let us live our lives as "ambassadors" for Christ who are set apart and who are different. May the world see Christ in us and may we be "salt and light". And let us never grow weary of pointing our children to Christ even as we apply in our parenting the holy laws of the King of kings. May we be transparent but not wavering, firm in love, and steadfast in Our beloved Redeemer who is ever so holy. May we not be content with having worldliness in us, or in our children! Will we not pray for our children and for each other!

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